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The historic English town of Colchester offers accommodation for all tastes whether it is small traditional English hotels or modern larger chain hotels. Local accommodation is friendly and efficient and there are a range of star ratings to choose from. Rooms normally include tea and coffee making facilities and Wi-Fi access, often free to guests. Larger hotels offer several bedrooms types to choose from, standard, double, superior, or family rooms. If you have any special requirements for your stay, do ring your hotel in advance to check that the necessary arrangements can be made to accommodate you during your stay.

Colchester has a fascinating history and is the oldest recorded Roman town in Britain. For a period of time, it was the capital of Roman Britain and it also claims to have the United Kingdom's oldest recorded market. The town of Colchester is only 50 miles from London.

The Medieval Colchester's major landmark is a Norman keep dating back to the 11th century, and is built on top of the old Roman Vaults. There are many notable medieval ruins throughout Colchester, including the ruins of the Augustinian priory of St Botolph's Priory, the surviving gateway of the Benedictine abbey of St. John the Baptist, known locally as St John's Abbey. Many of the Colchester parish churches can be dated to this period, why not take a look round while staying at Colchester Hotels?

Colchester was granted its first royal charter by King Richard I (or more commonly known as Richard the Lionheart) in 1189. During the 14th century, Colchester developed rather rapidly as a centre of the woollen cloth industry, and it became famous in many parts of Europe for its russet tones and colours.

During the years 1550 and 1600, there was a large number of cloth makers from the Flanders region that emigrated to Colchester and its surrounding areas. This group was famous for their production of Bays and Says cloth.

In Colchester there are many museums to visit including the Castle Museum which is found within Colchester Castle features a marvellously extensive exhibit on Roman Colchester. Close nearby is the Hollytrees Museum which is a social history museum exhibiting children's exhibits in the former home of Charles Gray. Colchester's Natural History Museum is located in the former All Saints' Church. The Tymperley's Clock Museum is located within a 15th century timber framed house and now keeps the Bernard Mason clock collection. This house used to belong to William Gilbert, an English Physician and natural philosopher. He is regarded by many to have first coined the term electricity and is the father of electrical engineering and magnetism.

The Mercury theatre is one of the Colchester region's leading repertory theatres, and next door is the Colchester Arts Centre which is a multi-function arts venue. This venue is also the home of the Colchester Beer Festival.